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Airflo 10ft Salmon & Steelhead Polyleaders

Airflo 10ft Salmon & Steelhead Polyleaders
Our Price:  £6.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Airflo


Airflo Salmon and Steelhead 10ft Polyleaders

Airflo’s 10ft Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders offer great turn over for bulky and heavy flies. The leaders are available in seven different densities from floating right through to Extra super-fast sinking. These 10 foot Polyleaders provide the complete depth control which is so often essential when fishing for salmon and steelhead. Choosing the slow and fast sink rate polyleaders allows you to bed your choice of fly down, thus avoiding the drag from a floating line effecting the fly’s drift. The EX.Fast sinking leader gets the flies as deep as possible. Max.tippet 24lb.

Available Densities:

  • Clear Floating
  • Clear Hover
  • Clear Intermediate
  • Slow Sink
  • Fast Sink
  • Super-Fast Sink
  • EX. Super-Fast Sink


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