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Airflo Outlander 10 Reel Case

Airflo Outlander 10 Reel Case
 Airflo Outlander 10 Reel CaseAirflo Outlander 10 Reel Case 
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Airflo Outlander 10 Reel Case

Airflo's Outlander Reel case is a real god-send as we all appreciate our favourite reels are valuable regardless of what they cost; and they’re precious because whatever our level of expertise and commitment they’re the best reels we’ve got and they need to be looked after. The Airflo Outlander 10 Reel Case is a compartmentalized, purpose-made carrier with 2-way zips, comfy EVA handle and distinctive Outlander trim. There’s even a weatherproof I.D card-holder. The fully padded interior grid can be removed completely or reconfigured to suit your particular requirements.  These are tasteful, waterproof, well made reel cases with many other applications yet they’re surprisingly inexpensive.


  • Soft touch finish
  • Comfortable EVA handle
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Mesh tippet pocket


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