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Arctic Fox Tail 3XL

Arctic Fox Tail 3XL
 Arctic Fox Tail 3XLArctic Fox Tail 3XL 
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Arctic Fox Tail 3XL

Outstanding quality Arctic Fox tail fur for tying Salmon, Sea Trout and Saltwater patterns. These artic fox tails are soft and mobile and ideal for tying patterns such as Templedogs and Clouser Minnows. 

3XL average length 3 - 4"

Highly mobile this Artic Fox fur is highly suitable for tying small Streamers, Salmon, Sea Trout, Pike and Saltwater fly patterns. Fine, long and tapered wings can be tied with the longer guard hairs in addition to the under-fur which acts as the perfect under-winging material. It is highly mobile in the water and moves like Marabou though it is a much stronger material.


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