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C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying System

C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying System
C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying SystemC&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying SystemC&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying System
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C&F Design

C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying System

The Marco Polo Fly Tying System is C&F Design's the mobile kit for the travelling fly fisherman.  C&F Design have made no compromise when putting together this mobile fly tying system. All the tools are full size and easy to use, but engineered to fit compactly into the waterproof case. The kit comprises of:-

  • Marco Polo Vice
  • CFT60 Bobbin Holder
  • 3 in 1 Bobbin Kit
  • Hook Pallet
  • CFT70 3 in 1 Dubbing Brush
  • CFT80S 2 in 1 Hair Stacker with Comb
  • CFT90 3 in 1 Half Hitcher
  • CFT100 Dubbing Twister Plus
  • CFT110 2 in 1 Whip Finish Tool
  • CFT120 Hackle pliers
  • TS Tying Scissors

The Marco Polo Vice features:

  • Two point screw locking jaw with precision adjustment to accomodate #32 to 3/0 hooks.
  • Full rotary jaw.
  • Jaw material is stainless steel suitable for tempering.  After machining, all jaws receive heat treatment to form 0.3mm layer of extra hard surface.  Jaw and all peripheral parts receive pearl chrome plating.
  • Magnet is installed on the top surface of arm locking screw as hook / fly retainer.
  • Bobbin hanger installs at arm locking screw.
  • Two base and arm configurations to suit your tying style.
  • Elastomer rubber sheet prevents base from slipping on the desk.




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