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Loon Nipper With Knot Tyer

Loon Nipper With Knot Tyer£5.99


The all-in-one nippers. Stainless steel cutting jaws, knot tool, hook clearing needle, and chain attachment.

Stormsure Patches

Stormsure Patches£5.99

These Stormsure patches are made from a thin but tough film of polyurethane making them ideal for wader repairs.


Tippet Rings

Tippet Rings£5.99

These 2mm tippet rings make leader making/changing both easier and faster.

Snowbee Neoprene Spool Tenders

Snowbee Neoprene Spool Tenders£4.99

Simple Neoprene straps which wrap around your spare spools and reels to keep leaders and fly lines intact. 

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Page 3 of 3:    29 Items