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Fly vests and Packs are an essential fishing accessory enabling the angler to keep all his fishing accessories close to hand. Lighter than the traditional fishing bag our range of Fly Vests and Packs and easy to pack away and keeps all your boxes, tools, flies, floatants and tippet material organised and tidy. Simply pack all the fly fishing tools and supplies into your fishing vest and away you go…


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Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest

Airflo Outlander Mesh Vest£79.99   £49.99

The Airflo Outlander Mesh vest is the ultimate lightweight fly vest.

Airflo Outlander Vest Back Pack

Airflo Outlander Vest Back Pack£89.99   £59.99

The Airflo Outlander Vest and Back Pack provides the angler with enough space for everything but the kitchen sink!

Airflo Wavehopper Life Jacket

Airflo Wavehopper Life Jacket£79.99   £69.99

The WaveHopper Lifejacket has been designed by anglers, for anglers. The lifejacket is fully automatic with manual back up by pulling a special rip cord. 

Fishpond Flint Hills Vest

Fishpond Flint Hills Vest£95.99

 Traditional design, functional and affordable in style with Fishpond. 


Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack

Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack£144.99

It's really a vest, but it has the versatility of a pack. 

Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest

Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest£129.99

The integration of new fabric makes the Sagebrush Mesh Vest look even better, it is still one of the most durable and cool vests around. 

Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack

Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack£179.99


For longer days on the water or for those who need to carry lots of gear, the Wasatch combines a vest-style front with a versatile backpack. 

Greys Chest-Back Pack

Greys Chest-Back Pack£69.00   £59.99

The Greys Chest/Back Pack is the ultimate accessory and pack for any angler on the go, containing multiple storage solutions for your gear, this is a dual chest and backpack in one, giving you the complete freedom of movement.

Greys Duffle Bag

Greys Duffle Bag£59.00   £49.99

The Greys Duffle Bag is the ideal piece of luggage for the travelling angler and offers plenty of storage for your fishing gear, with a two-way carry design.

Greys Strata Vest

Greys Strata Vest£49.99   £34.99

Greys Strata Fly Vest has been designed and tested to make it as light, comfortable and practical as possible.

Guideline Fly Vest

Guideline Fly Vest£57.00   £40.00

A high performance Vest at the right price! 

Hardy HBX Carryall Bag

Hardy HBX Carryall Bag£259.99

Large internal compartment
Two large outside pockets
Real leather components
Hard wearing canvas construction
Hand made in the UK
Ideal for travellers and anglers alike with an abundance of separated storage space.

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