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We at Fly Only know that the best fly reels are a perfect match of good looks and perfect engineering. Our extensive range of fly reels includes both modern large-arbor and traditional designs. Each reel is manufactured to perfection to cover your chosen species – trout, salmon or saltwater we have the ideal reel choice for you.


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Sweet Fly Reels

Sweet Fly Reels£75.00  -  £125.00

These Sweet reels feature a unique, attractive spool and frame design with true large arbor dimensions.

Vision Deep Reels

Vision Deep Reels£65.99  -  £79.99

Superb construction at a great price

Vision Kalu Fly Reel

Vision Kalu Fly Reel£109.99  -  £119.99

A superb value fly reel

Vision Keeper Avo Fly Reel

Vision Keeper Avo Fly Reel£49.99  -  £59.99

Aluminium fly reel from Vision

Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel

Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel£189.99

A classically inspired salmon reel

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Page 3 of 3:    29 Items