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Rabbit Body Patch

Rabbit Body Patch£1.90  -  £3.30

Patches of rabbit pelt in various colours for either cutting into Zonker Strips, or Dubbing.

Rabbit Zonker Strips

Rabbit Zonker Strips£3.50

Rabbit zonker strips are from top quality tanned and dyed skins cut into long strips, ideal for all zonker patterns.

Racoon Body Hair

Racoon Body Hair£2.95

The  long guard hairs of the Racoon are ideal for wings and tails and has very soft underfur for dubbing.

Red Fox Body Patch

Red Fox Body Patch£2.20

Tanned body patches from our native animal. Used in the Hendricson family of flies in the USA. 

Short & Fine Deer Hair

Short & Fine Deer Hair£4.40

Soft tanned short and fine deer hair, ideal for small flies such as Comparaduns.

Silver Fox Body Fur

Silver Fox Body Fur£3.00

Silver Fox body is slightly shorter than flank fur ideal for the wings in the Rat series of flies.

Silver Fox Flank Fur

Silver Fox Flank Fur£4.50

A very soft and mobile fur that lends itself to longer wings.

Silver Fox Tail

Silver Fox Tail£5.00

This dyed black silver fox tail is excellent quality with an average hair length of between 90 -110mm.

Wild Boar Bristles

Wild Boar Bristles£2.50

These bristles are around 3" long with good splits in the end for movement. 

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