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Dubbing Twister

Dubbing Twister£6.50

A turned brass dubbing twister

Rotary Hackle Pliers

Rotary Hackle Pliers£5.50

Rotary Hackle Pliers - This tool allows you to keep the hackle aligned with the hook, and prevents twists.

Stonfo Pettine Comb

Stonfo Pettine Comb£5.50

A combined comb and Velcro brush in one handy little flytying tool.


Brassie Hair Packers

Brassie Hair Packers£5.30

The Hair Packer is an essential tool when tying deer hair flies.

Ceramic Insert Bobbin Holder

Ceramic Insert Bobbin Holder£5.20

A bobbin holder with ceramic inserts in either end of the spigot.  This protects your thread and helps to cut down on thread breakage.

Streamworks Non Slip Hackle Pliers

Streamworks Non Slip Hackle Pliers£4.99

high quality spring loaded non-slip hackle pliers which will not cut or break hackle stalks.


Hackens Tube Fly Needle

Hackens Tube Fly Needle£4.95

This is a really simple concept, a top quality hardened steel needle that tapers to accept any size of lined tube.  

Flared Bobbin Holder

Flared Bobbin Holder£4.35

This is a no frills tool, it has flared ends to the spigot that prevents thread chaff.  The sprung steel legs will hold any bobbin size.  

Veniards Bullet Bobbin Holder

Veniards Bullet Bobbin Holder£4.35

A popular bobbin holder.

Rotary Whip Finish Tool

Rotary Whip Finish Tool£4.05

A simple tool to use for whip finishing your flies.  Creates neat heads in seconds

Hair Stacker

Hair Stacker£3.99

Large capacity, simple hair stacker for longer fibres.

Easy Grip Hackle Pliers

Easy Grip Hackle Pliers£2.80

Easy Grip Hackle Pliers with the added benefit of brass easy grip pads.


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Page 4 of 5:    51 Items