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Guideline 4Cast Fly Lines

Guideline 4Cast Fly Lines
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Brand:  Guideline


Guideline 4Cast Fly Lines

Guideline’s new 4CAST fly lines combine the best elements of Guideline's unique Power Taper and High Water fly line designs, to create a versatile fly line suitable for a wide variety of fishing applications.
When casting this 4CAST fly line, you will notice the concentrated, yet very balanced weight distribution throughout the belly.  The profile will assist in easy load of the rod, superb line control and a slightly delayed and very accurate turnover through the smooth tip. This, combined with a strong handling line tapered into a low friction, low diameter running line will set you up for long casts and pin point presentations alike. A very good choice for the all-round fly-fisher who wants a line that performs equally well with overhead- and spey casts at a reasonable price.


Line                                 Weight 9,14m                                                       Total head length /weight
WF #3                               7 grams10,                                                                  4 meter/8 grams
WF #4                               8 grams 10,                                                                 5 meter/10 grams
WF #5                             10 grams10,                                                                  8 meter/12 grams
WF #6                             12 grams 11,                                                                 1 meter/14 grams
WF #7                             14 grams11,                                                                  4 meter/16 grams1’


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