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Guideline LPXe V3 Salmon Rod

Guideline LPXe V3 Salmon Rod
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Brand:  Guideline


Guideline's LPXe range of four piece double-handed rods are one of the best value fast action rods on the market. Light in the hand and perfectly balanced the Guideline's LPXe is first choice for shooting head applications

LPXe 12' # 8/9 173 g 4 Fast H3 30-33g / 465-510 grains
LPXe 13' # 8/9 207 g 4 Fast H4 30-33g / 465-510 grains
LPXe 14' # 9/10 248 g 4 Fast H5 34-37g / 525-570 grains
LPXe 15' # 10/11 267 g 4 Fast H6 41-44g / 630-680 grains
LPXe 16' # 10/11 298 g 4 Fast H7 42-45g / 650-695 grains

By incorporating new graphite structures and cutting patterns, Guideline have improved the strength of the rods and the recovery speeds in the blanks are better than ever. Continuing on the guide-design features of the RSi, they have fitted Fuji KW stripping guides on these rods as well. The reduction of tangles with these unique frames is amazing and the fact that the KW offers the coolest look in fly guides today is an added bonus. All rods feature single leg guides throughout the rest of the blank. To Guideline, that minimizes weight and unnecessary stiffening of the blank and adds to its performance. Lightweight, yet strong reel seats with customized details all through, match the classic semi-matte, slightly transparent blanks perfectly. Grip lengths, shapes and diameters are also new. LPXe rods come in an Air-Mesh rod bag and a strong lightweight tube.

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