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Leeda Profil Copolymer Tippet

Leeda Profil Copolymer Tippet
Our Price:  £2.49(Inc. 20% VAT)
Breaking Strain:  

Brand:  Leeda

Leeda Profil Copolymer Tippet Material

Leeda's Profil is a new high quality, copolymer tippet material for the modern fly fisherman in handy 50m spools.


  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Superb strength to diameter.
  • Premium quality co-polymer.
  • Ability to feel gentle takes.
  • Supplied on a 50m spool.

Available in 6 breaking strains:
7X - 3lb - 0.12mm.
6X - 4lb - 0.14mm.
5X - 5lb - 0.16mm.
4X - 6lb - 0.18mm.
3X - 8lb - 0.20mm.
2X - 10lb - 0.22mm.


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