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Hand Stripped Peacock Quill

Hand Stripped Peacock Quill£4.70

Hand stripped peacock quills give great segmentation by tying in with touching turns.

Bronze Mallard

Bronze Mallard£3.99  -  £5.99


This particular feather is the Mallard in the Mallard and Claret. 

Grip Mini Ostrich Spey Plumes

Grip Mini Ostrich Spey Plumes£3.95

Grip Mini Ostrich Plumes, good clean colours on quality feathers. Ideal for Spey and Intruder patterns. !0 plumes per pack.

Turkey Biots

Turkey Biots£3.75

Superb for spinners and fly bodies. The segmentation is easy to work with and clip to precise size.

Partridge Hackle Feathers

Partridge Hackle Feathers£3.65  -  £4.99

The hackle feathers of the Partridge have always been favoured by the fly tyer. 

Teal Flank Feathers£3.50

Grip 9in Ostrich Plumes

Grip 9in Ostrich Plumes£3.49


Grip 9in Ostrich plumes. Excelent quality with good herl. Two plumes per pack.

Strung Marabou Blood Plumes

Strung Marabou Blood Plumes£2.40  -  £3.45

Marabou Bloods give you a consistent size of feather.

Dyed Turkey Broad Wing Quills

Dyed Turkey Broad Wing Quills£3.25

Ideal for tying a colourful wings on classic salmon flies.


CDC Feathers

CDC Feathers£3.10


CDC the ever popular gland feather prized for its natural floating qualities

Peacock Blue Neck Hackles

Peacock Blue Neck Hackles£2.95

The Blue Neck hackle is used as a pulsing hackle on the likes of the Goats Toe. 

Mallard Flank - Nat & Dyed

Mallard Flank - Nat & Dyed£2.75


The grey flank feathers from the Mallard duck are a useful winging feather.

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Page 2 of 4:    37 Items