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Peacock Swords

Peacock Swords£2.75

Peacock Swords

French Partridge Hackle

French Partridge Hackle£2.70

French Partridge hackle feathers are the wonderful barred feather from just below the wing.

Short Cock Hackles

Short Cock Hackles£2.65

Great value hackle packs. Produced for tying both dry and wet flies. 


Select CDC

Select CDC£2.55  -  £11.50

These CDC feathers are hand selected, hand died and hand dried

Large Marabou Plumes

Large Marabou Plumes£2.50


Large Marabou Plumes

Ostrich Herl

Ostrich Herl£2.50

Long herl for breathers on nymphs, butts on many classic salmon flies. A very popular material.

Peacock Cut Eyes

Peacock Cut Eyes£2.40

The plumes from the Peacocks tail have been used in fly tying situations for hundreds of years, from Anchovies to Spiders, the noble Peacock has had a part. 

Peacock Strung Herl Natural & Dyed

Peacock Strung Herl Natural & Dyed£2.40


Packets of strung herl in natural or dyed colours.

Goose Biots

Goose Biots£1.75  -  £2.25

Goose Biots are the ideal material for wing buds on buzzer patterns.

Goose Shoulder Stiffs

Goose Shoulder Stiffs£2.25

A classic fly tying material for dressing Salmon fly wings.


Guinea Fowl Feathers

Guinea Fowl Feathers£2.15  -  £2.25

Body and neck hackles, natural or dyed.  Robust and versatile feathers

Mini Grizzle Marabou Feathers

Mini Grizzle Marabou Feathers£1.99

Small soft Marabou feathers, naturally barred and dyed. Useful for highly mobile tails and wings on lures.

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Page 3 of 4:    37 Items