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SA Fluorocarbon Heavy

SA Fluorocarbon Heavy
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Breaking Strain:  

Brand:  Scientific Angler

Scientific Angler

30 lb 0.019 / .48 mm 30 lb / 13,6 KG
35 lb 0.021 / .53 mm 35 lb / 18,1 kg
40 lb 0.023 / .58 mm 40 lb / 20,4 kg
50 lb 0.025 / .63 mm 50 lb / 22,7 kg
60 lb 0.030 / .76 mm 60 lb / 27,2 kg
80 lb 0.033 / .83 mm 80 lb / 36,3 kg

We have put together a range of heavy duty fluorocarbon for the angler that wants to make their own bite leaders. These weights are ideal for Tarpon, Pike, and general heavy duty work in either fresh or saltwater.

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