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Modern salmon fly lines benefit from the latest designs and technology. Here at Fly Only we have an extensive range of salmon lines and shooting heads to cover every situation a salmon angler will encounter. We stock great range of lines from brands such as Airflo, Hardy, Guideline, Phoenix, Rio, Scientific Anglers and Snowbee.


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Airflo Custom Flo Tips

Airflo Custom Flo Tips£59.99   £39.99

Designed for a smooth transition with dig. 2.5' of intermediate material and 7.5' of T-sink smooths out the cast and keeps you in the zone longer. 

Airflo Ultraspey System Fly Lines

Airflo Ultraspey System Fly Lines£124.99

Airflo UltraSpey System

Greys Platinum Shooting Head System

Greys Platinum Shooting Head System£79.99

The slick new series of shooting head lines from Greys incorporate an innovative taper for high speed energy transfer leading to tight dynamic loops.

Hardy Rocket Taper Shooting Head

Hardy Rocket Taper Shooting Head£59.99

A unique two part shooting head system that allows fine tuning of sink rate for precise fly presentation at maximum distance.

Hardy Running Line

Hardy Running Line£19.99  -  £24.99

A range of floating running lines in various colour coded diameters, super slick with low memory these coated running lines are the ideal compliment to the Hardy shooting head series.

Hardy Spey Tips

Hardy Spey Tips£14.99

A full range of 12ft dual density spey tips. All tips are supplied dual looped, colour coded and laser printed. Supplied in a reusable leader wallet insert. Suitable for lines 6-8#, or 8/11#

Phoenix Silk Salmon Fly Lines

Phoenix Silk Salmon Fly Lines£200.00

A Phoenix Silk Line is a precision built fly line made of the finest quality pure Chinese silk with tapers built-in by braiding.

Rio AFS Shooting Head Kit

Rio AFS Shooting Head Kit£139.00

An easy casting shooting head line designed for effortless distance and great presentation

Rio ConnectCore Shooting Running Line

Rio ConnectCore Shooting Running Line£49.99

An incredibly sensitive shooting line with fantastic no-tangle performance - the best shooting line ever made


Rio Fly Line Backing

Rio Fly Line Backing£8.99

RIO’s traditional Dacron braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality.


Rio GripShooter Running Line

Rio GripShooter Running Line£44.99

RIO’s new GripShooter is based on the very popular SlickShooter, but has a thick, coated handling section that makes it very easy to grip in cold conditions

Rio iFlight Skagit Head Line

Rio iFlight Skagit Head Line£54.99

Powerful, easy casting intermediate head designed to cast sink tips and large flies with the utmost ease.


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