Tenkara Fishing

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Tenkara Hayase Rod

Tenkara Hayase Rod£169.99

The Hayase is a premium quality rod for the discerning tenkara fisher.

Tenkara Sawa Rod

Tenkara Sawa Rod£149.99

A very versatile rod built especially for medium to large rivers.

Tenkara Hamon Rod

Tenkara Hamon Rod£119.99

The Hamon is the bigger river bigger fish rod.

Tenkara Masu Rod

Tenkara Masu Rod£87.99

A versatile rod for medium sized rivers and suited to all abilities where a firmer rod action is preferred.

Tenkara Issui Rod

Tenkara Issui Rod£69.99

A small beautifully balanced 'Brook' rod for all stream fishing enthusiasts. Ideal where canopy restricts use of a longer rod.

Tenkara Suijou Rod

Tenkara Suijou Rod£61.99

The 6' baby of the range perfect for tiny streams and brooks.

Tenkara Centre Sling Pack

Tenkara Centre Sling Pack£39.99

A sling pack to hold up to 5 Tenkara rods.

Tenkara Easy Keepers

Tenkara Easy Keepers£7.99

Easy clips are used to store the line on your closed rod.

Tenkara Oni Spool

Tenkara Oni Spool£7.99

Useful spool for storing your tenkara leaders.

Tenkara Centre Tapered Furled Leaders

Tenkara Centre Tapered Furled Leaders£6.99  -  £11.99

Tapered mono furled leaders


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items