Tenkara Rods


Here at Fly Only we have a fantastic range of great Tenkara rods and equipment. Evolving over hundreds of years and are designed specifically for fishing in small streams, our range of Tenkara rods are suitable for all anglers who like to fish lightweight tackle for wild brown trout. Tenkara Rods are used for the traditional Japanese form of fly fishing. We sell a range of Tenkara rods and outfits from the UK based Tenkara U.K.



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Tenkara Easy Keepers

Tenkara Easy Keepers£7.99

Easy clips are used to store the line on your closed rod.

Tenkara Hamon Rod

Tenkara Hamon Rod£119.99

The Hamon is the bigger river bigger fish rod.

Tenkara Hayase Rod

Tenkara Hayase Rod£169.99

The Hayase is a premium quality rod for the discerning tenkara fisher.

Tenkara Issui Rod

Tenkara Issui Rod£69.99

A small beautifully balanced 'Brook' rod for all stream fishing enthusiasts. Ideal where canopy restricts use of a longer rod.

Tenkara Masu Rod

Tenkara Masu Rod£87.99

A versatile rod for medium sized rivers and suited to all abilities where a firmer rod action is preferred.

Tenkara Sawa Rod

Tenkara Sawa Rod£149.99

A very versatile rod built especially for medium to large rivers.

Tenkara Suijou Rod

Tenkara Suijou Rod£61.99

The 6' baby of the range perfect for tiny streams and brooks.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items