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3-D Glass Bloodworm

3-D Glass Bloodworm£0.90

A bloodworm pattern to fish all year round

Black Buzzer

Black Buzzer£0.90

The Buzzer Black is a great top of the water fly and regularly takes big trout that are feeding on emerging buzzers



A great stillwater pattern.

Epoxy Black Buzzer

Epoxy Black Buzzer£0.90

A great black buzzer to use through the season.

Epoxy Buzzer Claret

Epoxy Buzzer Claret£0.90

A great mid to deep water buzzer pattern

Epoxy Buzzer Olive

Epoxy Buzzer Olive£0.90

A great pattern to fish all year round for stillwater trout.


Epoxy Buzzer Red

Epoxy Buzzer Red£0.90

A great buzzer pattern to fish throughout the season.


Flexi-floss Buzzer Black

Flexi-floss Buzzer Black£0.90

A great buzzer pattern for stillwater trout

Flexi-floss Buzzer Claret

Flexi-floss Buzzer Claret£0.90

A buzzer pattern that can be fished all year round.

Flexi-floss Buzzer Olive

Flexi-floss Buzzer Olive£0.90

An all-round Buzzer pattern.

Flexi-floss Buzzer Red

Flexi-floss Buzzer Red£0.90

A slim buzzer pattern for season long use.

Flexifloss Bloodworm Buzzer

Flexifloss Bloodworm Buzzer£0.90

This Flexi Floss Bloodworm pattern is a great mid to deep water stillwater fly.


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Buzzers are a key constituent of a trout’s diet, and can be fished by the Stillwater angler all year round. Tied to represent tiny chironomid/midge pupa that live in the mud and silt of stillwaters, they migrate to the surface with a characteristic wriggling action which is so attractive to trout. This migratory period is a great time for the angler as trout gorge themselves on the ascending pupa.
These patterns are best fished with a very slow figure-of-eight retrieve, often pausing for a few seconds during the retrieve. When exploring different depths buzzers can also be fished in conjunction with a large dry fly or sight indicator to portray the take of a fish.