Virtual Nymph Fly Tying Products

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VN Masterclass Flytying CD (PC Only)

VN Masterclass Flytying CD (PC Only)£22.00

Masterclass CD features how to tie 21 patterns using VN products.;

Virtual Nymph Dyneema Thread

Virtual Nymph Dyneema Thread£3.20

This thread is the worlds ultimate thread for tying fly patterns of all sizes. 

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin£3.00

Flytyers Designer Skin is synthetic elastic skin.

Virtual Nymph Nymph Skin

Virtual Nymph Nymph Skin£2.65


Tie the most realistic abdomens in 3 simple steps. Great range of match the hatch colours. 

Virtual Nymph Stoneclinger Head & Wing Plates

Virtual Nymph Stoneclinger Head & Wing Plates£2.45

Our rivers are teeming with Stoneclinging Mayfly nymphs. Due the distinctive shape of these nymphs, flytyers find it hard to imitate.

Virtual Nymph Stonefly Wing Buds

Virtual Nymph Stonefly Wing Buds£2.45

Stonefly Wing Buds have been designed by Paul Whillock & Steve Thornton, both realistic flytyers. 

Virtual Nymph Coleopetera

Virtual Nymph Coleopetera£2.00

A simple to use Beetle body material which floats in the surface film giving your beetle pattern a correct footprint.

Virtual Nymph Ephemera Yarn

Virtual Nymph Ephemera Yarn£2.00

Ephemera Yarn is great for Klinkhammer styles and Nymph bodies. 

Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body

Virtual Nymph Flexi-Body£2.00


Flexi-body can be used for many flytying techniques and fly patterns such as Czech Nymph backs, wing buds and bodies. 

Virtual Nymph Freestone Caddis Coating

Virtual Nymph Freestone Caddis Coating£2.00

Freestone Caddis Coating is very simple to use and creates a realistic Caddis Case.

Virtual Nymph Waterwing

Virtual Nymph Waterwing£2.00

Waterwing is a realistic wing membrane that is easy to use and makes realistic Spinner and Terrestrial insect wings.


Virtual Nymph Polywing

Virtual Nymph Polywing£1.30

VN Polywing makes realistic wing buds for all aquatic nymphs. 

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