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Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel

Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel
 Vision Tank Silver Salmon ReelVision Tank Silver Salmon Reel 
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Brand:  Vision


Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel

Vision believe that a great salmon reel doesn't necessarily have to be as light as a feather. On the contrary, it can be good to have some weight. Especially when used in conjunction with a double handed rod, where a heavier reel brings a much needed balancing element. In a world of big brute fish and rocky, slippery river banks, a salmon reel has to be able to take a lot of beating and punishment unlike its trout class cousins used on smaller streams. To that end Vision created the Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel to deal with these demands.
The look of the Vision Tank Silver Salmon Reel follows closely an age old classical salmon reel design. And features and full cage design with only a few holes on the handle side of the reel to provide some amount of ventilation for your fly-line and backing after long fishing hours. This full cage design eliminates those unfortunate occasions when thin running line gets jammed between the frame and the spool. The final touch comes in Vision’s quest for that 'old school' feel and sound, which in this case comes in the form of an absolute kick ass brake sound - it just can't get better than this.


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