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VN Masterclass Flytying CD (PC Only)

VN Masterclass Flytying CD (PC Only)
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Brand:  Virtual Nymph



Virtual Nymph

VN Masterclass Flytying CD

Masterclass CD features how to tie 21 following patterns;
Stoneflies and Heptagenia Nymphs, Hydropsyche and Rhycophila larva, Spent Ephemera, Freshwater Shrimp, Spent Caddis, Emerging Caddis, Cased Caddis, Egg laying Caddis and Adult Caddis. Beetles, Midge pupa, Baetis Nymph, Trico, Mayfly Nymph’s and Smut’s. Plus, searching patterns like the, CAM Emerger and the famous Ammonite Nymph.

The Flytyers Masterclass CD Vol. 2  is very easy to navigate and is printable. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to tie realistic fishing patterns using Virtual Nymph Products.


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