Shop for wading fishing gear at Fly Only. Waders and wading boots are an integral part your fly fishing gear with wading will give you access to water that you would not otherwise be able to cast to. So wade confidently and comfortably with the right choice of waders, boots and the appropriate wading staff by your side. Keep dry and protected from the elements with the correct waders and dedicated wading boots.


Latest Products
Simms Freestone Wader And Boot Outfit

Simms Freestone Wader And Boot Outfit£438.00   £349.00

Embrace the deep wade. Corner comfort. And access the untrammeled—unscathed—in Simms’ Freestone® Stockingfoots matched with the renown Freestone Wading Boots.



The Rautas LW Hiking jacket is designed to be your shelter when you don´t need to pack all your gear. Combined with a backpack or a hip bag, this is really all you need.

Vision Hopper Wader Boot Combo

Vision Hopper Wader Boot Combo£179.00  -  £213.00

Vision Hopper Waders - Affordable great looking waders with high-end waders’ functionalities. Extremely comfortable due to their lightweight construction and material selection.

Scierra Kenai Pro Fishing Jacket

Scierra Kenai Pro Fishing Jacket£89.00

The Kenai Pro Wading Jacket features a high quality 2-fabric/2-colour design, with high attention to all the technical details at an unbelievable price.


Scierra X-Tech Wading Jacket

Scierra X-Tech Wading Jacket£110.00

New and innovative hard core wading jacket from Scierra, built form a strong shell fabric designed to handle the roughest weather you'll face with lots of tech details.


Loon Lanyard 5

Loon Lanyard 5£29.99

The Neckvest Lanyard is outfitted with a comfortable foam neck piece, tippet holder/dispenser, Bottom's Up Caddy, Nippers and a Hot Box to keep the flies of the day close at hand.

Loon Tippet Holder

Loon Tippet Holder£8.99

Convenient design makes tippet organization better than ever. Holds 6 spools and attaches to a pack or vest with a carabineer.

Loon Tippet Stack

Loon Tippet Stack£13.99

The most convenient and versatile way to store tippet! Original design allows for either hanging or fastening to a belt, strap or pack, and makes storage and retrieval of tippet simple.

Vision Hopper Gummi Wading Boot

Vision Hopper Gummi Wading Boot£119.99

Hopper wading boots are very light in weight and remind you more of the hiking shoes.