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The lake at Walton Hall is a mature water that is over 300 years old, it surrounds Walton Hall which sits on an island.  The water is not deep, the average depth is only around 5 feet, at its deepest point it is 9 feet.  The water remains clear in colour all year round, unless we get some very heavy rain for a few days.  The water supports an abundance of aquatic insect life and it responds well to natural patterns most of the time. We also get good amounts of terrestrial insect life which blows in off the surrounding Waterton Park Golf Course.

 Many of the fish we stock into the lake we carefully grow ourselves in our own ponds, trying to avoid any over-stocking issues and producing strong "full finned" hard fighting trout.  Many of these grown-on and over-winter feeding on fry and Hoglouse through the colder months.  Stocking takes place on a regular basis, sometimes weekly, but mainly monthly and we hold the stock level at around 200 fish to the acre.  Fish size varies from 1.75lb through to 6lb, and we stock with rainbow, blue and brown trout, and tiger trout.

The fishing on the lake all takes place from boats, there is no bank fishing here due to the golf course.  We have 6 boats with electric outboards, and one wheelie boat with a petrol outboard.

We would always urge you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can get in touch via one of the following phone numbers

Stuart - 07530 527356 :          Fly Only Shop - 01484 600 555


Walton Hall Fishery 2016 Prices


OPEN :-   Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

from 8.00am til 4.00pm

TICKET PRICE :-  £20.00 C&R,   £28.00 2 Fish