11th July Walton Hall Report

11 June 2015  |  Admin

Walton Hall ~ 11th July

The action is coming thick and fast at Walton Hall, as the water temperature rises and the trout are beginning to look to the surface for food. Many boats are taking good catches on suspended buzzers high in the water column and floating dry flies.
Remember to take care when releasing the trout. Give them ample time to recover before letting them go especially if you have been playing them for a while and they have fought hard. Hold their tail down in the water lower than their head and wait for them to expel any air they have trapped inside them, it is this that makes them turn upside-down when they hit the bottom, and a poke with a landing net is not always enough to revive them. Please do not "pull and push" the fish forwards and backwards that just damages the delicate tissue of the gills, and harms the fish.
The key to catching more fish is to respect the ones we have caught. So that they can continue to prosper and give another angler a fight on another day.