Grayling Newsletter

25 September 2015  |  Admin

Grayling Bugs & Fishing Newsletter

Now as the trout season is drawing to a close, we at Fly Only are increasingly turning our minds to autumn and winter grayling fishing. Even though autumn grayling regularly take the dry fly off the surface, sooner or later winter will eventually take hold. Bringing with it high water levels and frequently icy conditions, all of which will have anglers delving into boxes for weighted nymphs and bugs in a bid to scour the streambed for deep holding grayling. As a consequence we at Fly Only have been replenishing our in-store fly collections to feature a range of Beadhead Nymphs, Weighted Bugs and Czech nymphs for the winter grayling angler.
For those anglersFor those anglers who appreciate a light line approach to their fishing, we have a range of small tungsten bead nymphs which are perfect for French Nymph and Duo Techniques.

Czech, French Nymph & N/C Spider Rods

We also stock a superb range of light-line rods that are not only perfect for both short and long line nymph techniques, but also for those anglers who prefer to fish traditional North Country Spiders. These rods include Guideline’s award winning Fario 10ft rods in line weights 3 & 4. We also stock a range of 10ft & 11ft Greys Streamflex rods, “the ultimate river rod”, designed for the most technical and demanding of light line anglers, the perfect choice for the grayling angler.

Fly Tying Materials

For adventurous fly-tyer we also have a range of products suitable for tying numerous grayling fly patterns. Including amongst others Virtual Nymph products, Veniard Squirmy Worm Body, Partridge Czech Nymph & Jig Hooks, Spirit River & SLF dubbings. We also carry a huge range of tungsten beads and lead foils and tungsten weighting, perfect for getting those bugs down deep!

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