Rio Day 2016

2 June 2016  |  Admin

  In Focus Day

                       25th June




After the huge success of last year’s open RIO LINES OPEN DAY, we have been inundated with repeated requests to hold this great event again. For that reason we will again be having a Rio Open Day at our Huddersfield store. For more than 20 years, RIO have demonstrated a passion, innovation and love for fly fishing through their development of the sport’s highest performance fly lines. With a multitude of new and different different fly lines for 2016 now available it can become quite daunting choosing the right line for your rods and style of fishing.

On our RIO LINES OPEN DAY we will be joined by Rio representative Jim Fearn and our in-house AAPGAI casting instructor Brian Warrington. Jim will be delivering a special powerpoint presentation from 10am explaining how modern fly lines are manufactured: detailing the materials used, and how modern line tapers affect the performance of a fly line in a particular fishing situation. He will also be taking us through the relevance of fly line weights in both grams and grains.
In addition to this presentation, customers may also try out a range of different RIO fly lines on the many rods available in store. Customers can also bring their own rods to find a matching fly line to balance their rods and suit their fishing needs. Jim and Brian will also be on hand giving casting instruction and helping customers to improve their casting techniques if required.
Whether you’re a salmon, trout or salt water fly angler please come along, it's going to be a great day.