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Muskrat Body Patch

Muskrat Body Patch£1.90

Blue/grey underfur for dubbing or use the guard hairs for tails. Natural water repellancey aids fly floatation.

Rabbit Body Patch

Rabbit Body Patch£1.90  -  £3.30

Patches of rabbit pelt in various colours for either cutting into Zonker Strips, or Dubbing.

Natural Fur Dubbing

Natural Fur Dubbing£1.70

Natural Fur Dubbing is a blend of natural furs including rabbit, hare and squirrel.

Hare Fur Body Dubbing

Hare Fur Body Dubbing£1.60

Dubbing fur taken from the Brown Hare. Great for nymphs and dry flies. A mix of both the soft under fur to "spikey" guard hair.

Rabbit Easy Dubbing

Rabbit Easy Dubbing£1.40

Easy to dub natural and dyed rabbit dubbings.

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