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Long Haired Chinese Goat

Long Haired Chinese Goat£4.75

This is a very mobile, strong  material, with an average length of 6''. 

Mink Body Patch

Mink Body Patch£4.50

Beautiful mink fur on the skin. Use guard hair for tails and body fur for dubbing.

Minkie Strips

Minkie Strips£3.90

Used in  many patterns throughout the world, for bodies, backs, and tails. 

Mole Skins Nat & Dyed

Mole Skins Nat & Dyed£3.20  -  £4.00

Complete mole skins, wonderful for soft dubbing.

Moose Mane

Moose Mane£4.75

Long and fine hairs. Used for wings and tails.  Try it also as a body material, as it makes  good segmented bodies.

Muskrat Body Patch

Muskrat Body Patch£1.90

Blue/grey underfur for dubbing or use the guard hairs for tails. Natural water repellancey aids fly floatation.

Nutria Fur Patch

Nutria Fur Patch£6.00

Nutria gives substantially more movement than bucktail in the water.

Opossum Fur

Opossum Fur£1.30

Patch of opossum fur. Used for nymphs and small streamers. Very fine. Great sub for soft seal. Glassy and arctic looking.
Rabbit Body Patch

Rabbit Body Patch£1.90  -  £3.30

Patches of rabbit pelt in various colours for either cutting into Zonker Strips, or Dubbing.

Rabbit Zonker Strips

Rabbit Zonker Strips£3.50

Rabbit zonker strips are from top quality tanned and dyed skins cut into long strips, ideal for all zonker patterns.

Semperfli Synthetic Rabbit Zonker

Semperfli Synthetic Rabbit Zonker£3.49

Synthetic rabbit adds a new dimension to many traditional flies. This will not waterlog like traditional rabbit zonker strips making it much better for presentation and smpler to cast.

Short & Fine Deer Hair

Short & Fine Deer Hair£6.75

Soft tanned short and fine deer hair, ideal for small flies such as Comparaduns.

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Page 2 of 3:    26 Items