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Golden Pheasant Body Skins Nat & Dyed

Golden Pheasant Body Skins Nat & Dyed£8.50  -  £9.99

The feathers from a Golden Pheasant are used in a number of salmon patterns, especially Irish shrimps like the Bann Special. 

Waterhen Wings

Waterhen Wings£8.50


Waterhen Wings for classic North Country Spiders

Jay Wings

Jay Wings£6.99

The blue feathers of the Jay wing are a must when tying flies such as the Invicta they are also a widely used item in many traditional Irish and Scottish patterns too.

Golden Pheasant Crest Nat & Dyed

Golden Pheasant Crest Nat & Dyed£6.90

Dyed Golden Pheasant Crests are a great topping hackle for Salmon flies and a necessity on a lot of traditional double Salmon and Sea Trout patterns.

Golden Pheasant Tippets Nat & Dyed

Golden Pheasant Tippets Nat & Dyed£3.55  -  £6.50

Dyed tippets can be very effective when used in modern salmon dressings. Very useful for modern salmon shrimp fly dressings. 

Pheasant Complete Tails

Pheasant Complete Tails£4.00  -  £7.95

Pheasant tails are a firm favourite for many fly tiers, its versatility has no bounds.  

Jackdaw Scalp

Jackdaw Scalp£5.65

Jackdaw scalp soft, blue / grey hackles perfect for small North Country spider patterns.

English Partridge Wings

English Partridge Wings£5.40

A pair of whole wings where the coverts are used for spider patterns and the primary and secondary feathers are used for wings in wet and dry patterns.

Woodcock Wings

Woodcock Wings£4.80

The distinctively marked wings of the Woodcock provides both wing & hackle materials for many wet flies.

Grouse Wings

Grouse Wings£4.75

The feathers obtained from Grouse wings have given rise to a whole series of trout flies.

Mallard Wings

Mallard Wings£4.75

Mallard wings have many uses including grey primary quills for the Blae series both wet and dry.

Coot Wings

Coot Wings£4.50

The smaller feathers from these Coot wings are useful for spider patterns/ wet flies.

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Page 2 of 3:    27 Items