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Gulff Pro 365 UV Torch

Gulff Pro 365 UV Torch
 Gulff Pro 365 UV TorchGulff Pro 365 UV Torch 
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The Gulff Pro 365 UV Flashlight produces a 365 wavelength spectrum of light that is perfectly suited for curing most fly tying resins.

This torch uses a powerful 3W LED bulb for optimum UV curing performance and it produces a spectrum of light that best matches the absorption spectrum of the photoinitiator that is in most UV-curable resins.

Once you have finished fly tying, add your UV resin to your desired position and shape as needed. Then use this torch to shine on your UV product to fully cure and harden the resin within a few seconds.

The Gulff Pro 365 UV Flashlight is supplied with a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and has a lanyard clipped on.

3W powerful, high quality UV LED chip
365nm wavelength
Gulff resin curing time is few seconds
Included: flashlight, USB charger and rechargeable battery