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Hardy Duchess Fly Reel

Hardy Duchess Fly Reel
 Hardy Duchess Fly ReelHardy Duchess Fly Reel 
Our Price:  £319.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Hardy


The first new design from Hardy in over a decade to be handmade in Alnwick by skilled craftsmen!

Build on a base material of 6061T6 Bar-stock Aluminium cut using Hardy CNC Machines at Alnwick from raw billets. Each reel is assembled and polished by hand and utilises the new Hardy innovative concept of ‘Split Frame' design to offer lightness with strength and complete line control. The spool is secured by a nickel silver latch bar to a hollow recessed stainless steel spindle offers a lighter spindle with good strength and acts as a lubricant reservoir to help maintain a smooth reel action.
The reel uses an improved version of the 1972 central line click check system which lengthens the regulator wire to increase the range of resistance for each reel.

Each frame and spool is hand polished before architectural anodisation. This is a slower and deeper form of anodisation which protects against UV rays. Permali wood handles are treated to prevent swelling and fitted to in-house machined brass spindles which are used for superior strength and impact resistance.

Made in Alnwick, England
Engineered and hand crafted from 6061T6 bar stock aluminium
Distinctive Titanium Grey anodised Finish
Ambidextrous, fully adjustable click check mechanism
Vented frame and spool
‘Split frame' design
Twin line guides for full LHW / RHW compatibility
Nickel silver latch bar
New and improved drag mechanism
Hollow recessed stainless steel spindle
Permali treated wood handle
Interchangeable spools
Reel supplied in neoprene case
Spare spool supplied in Drawstring Pouch.

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