Fishing Nets

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Wychwood Boatman Landing Net

Wychwood Boatman Landing Net£69.99

The Boatman Net is an up to date re-design of the original award-winning unique concept by Wychwood. Designed with the serious boat angler in mind.

Wychwood Bankman Landing Net

Wychwood Bankman Landing Net£49.99

The Bankman Net is perfect for any bank or wading angler thanks to the extendable aluminium handle.

Wychwood Salmon Gye Net

Wychwood Salmon Gye Net£49.99

Solid, dependable, Wychwood have delivered a traditional style Gye Net with modern reliability.

Wychwood Salmon Gye Net[1]

Wychwood Salmon Gye Net[1]£49.99

Solid, dependable, Wychwood have delivered a traditional style Gye Net with modern reliability.

Wychwood Rover Salmon Net

Wychwood Rover Salmon Net£44.99

The rover net features a flip over , self locking net head design, created for the mobile angler.

Wychwood Rover 18in Trout Net

Wychwood Rover 18in Trout Net£39.99

A fantastic product that holds up to its name, it features a flip-over, self-locking head design, which allows the mobile angler to have a great, compact and easy to use item that is stress-free to transport while travelling the banks.

Loon Magnetic Net Release

Loon Magnetic Net Release£23.99

Loon Magnetic Net Release. The lanyard and ultrastrong magnet make sure that a net stays within reach. Two split ring coils make it convenient to attach to a vest or belt loop.

Leeda 60cm Flip Net

Leeda 60cm Flip Net£20.00

60cm Flip-Up Net

Greys GS Scoop Nets

Greys GS Scoop Nets£19.99  -  £24.99


The Greys GS Scoop Net is a useful addition to the GS family of products. The GS Scoop net comes in three sizes to match whatever fishing situation you find yourself in.

Leeda 50cm Flip Net

Leeda 50cm Flip Net£18.00

50cm Flip-Up Net

Leeda Magnetic Scoop Net

Leeda Magnetic Scoop Net£15.99

Always at hand when you need it most, the Leeda Magnetic Scoop Net has a belt clip and strong magnetic quick-release for easy use and carrying.

Mclean Recoil Net Leash

Mclean Recoil Net Leash£9.99

These are designed so that you’ll never lose your net, as well as giving you the ability to drop it in the river and carry on fighting a fish, whilst keeping it attached to you

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