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Trout Fly Lines

Trout Fly Lines

Visit our selection of  floating, intermediate and sinking, trout fly lines.

Salmon Lines

Salmon Lines

Salmon fly lines designed to meet the requirements of the modern salmon angler.

Pike & Saltwater Lines

Pike & Saltwater Lines

An extensive range of both saltwater and pike lines to cover every situation.

Backing & Accessories

Backing & Accessories

An extensive range of line accessories to cover every situation.

Modern state of the art technology and materials have changed the way angler look at their fly lines. Today anglers have a huge range of options specific to the distance they need to cast and the fly presentation to be achieved. We carry a large range of fly lines from the finest manufacturers, which include floating, sinking & intermediate fly lines for every situation you will encounter.
We also appreciate how important fly line maintenance is to the angler and therefore store a wide range of fly line backing, loop connectors and fly line cleaners to suit all anglers and their needs.

Latest Products
Rio In Touch Pike/Muskie Fly Line

Rio In Touch Pike/Muskie Fly Line£74.99

Rio's Pike/Musky fly lines have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern Pike and Musky fly fisher. It features a short head and a powerful front taper that has no problem casting the biggest of streamers.

Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper

Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper£69.99

With an aggressive rear taper, and forward-biased concentration of mass the Superflo Power Taper is designed to be anything but subtle.

Airflo Superflo Universal Taper

Airflo Superflo Universal Taper£69.99

Who says the proverbial jack of all trades is always a master of none? This line does it all - and beautifully so, at that.

Rio Elite Gold Fly Line

Rio Elite Gold Fly Line£119.00

The ELITE RIO GOLD has a tapered design that gives incredible loop stability at distance and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #2 and #22.

Rio Premier Gold Fly Line

Rio Premier Gold Fly Line£89.00

The ultimate all-round floating line for trout with ultra-slick performance.

Vision Onki Fly Line

Vision Onki Fly Line£49.00

Vision Onki is an all-round range of fly lines constructed using the latest technology for excellent turnover and presentation at any distance. With twin colours, the head is 11 metres long with a smooth user-friendly taper that is ideal for beginners and experienced anglers.

Airflo Sniper Cold Saltwater Fly Lines

Airflo Sniper Cold Saltwater Fly Lines£44.99

Airflo sniper lines take their namesake from a snipers bullet - because they cast like one! Designed with a short compact head and integrated running line, these are forty plus lines designed for extreme distance and casting big flies.

Greys Platinum Stealth Fly Lines

Greys Platinum Stealth Fly Lines£33.00

The ultimate combination of distance and presentation, neither has been sacrificed in the design of this range.

Hardy Rocket Taper Shooting Head

Hardy Rocket Taper Shooting Head£59.99

A unique two part shooting head system that allows fine tuning of sink rate for precise fly presentation at maximum distance.