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Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks

Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks£5.70

GRIP 21571BN: A chemically sharpened black nickel, barbed saltwater hook is ideal for most saltwater flies from tarpon to bonefish. 

Partridge Caddis Pupa K2BY

Partridge Caddis Pupa K2BY£3.99

A curved up-eye medium wire hook design, especially effective for shrimp, caddis, pupae and other emerger imitations. Up-Eye, Black Nickel. 25 hooks per pack.

Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks

Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks£2.25  -  £2.55

An ideal pike fly hook. Super sharp forged hook with a needlepoint that stays sharp.

Partridge Intruder Shanks

Partridge Intruder Shanks£7.99


Double shank for intruder and other Waddington patterns when using single and double hooks. Ideal with Partridge Z4 hooks.

Partridge Z4 Intruder Hooks

Partridge Z4 Intruder Hooks£4.00


Partridge Z4 Intruder Hooks feature a super sharp beaked point, an extra strong forged offset bend with an up-eye.
Perfect for a number of fish and fishing techniques. 

Fulling Mill Champ Barbless Hooks

Fulling Mill Champ Barbless Hooks£7.95


These Fulling Mill Barbless hooks provide the angler to tie the most complicated fly patterns for trout fishing.
Colour : Black Nickel
Sizes Available : 10 & 12

Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Barbless Hooks

Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Barbless Hooks£7.95

Barbless fly tying hooks from Fulling Milll, best suited for shrimp, buzzer and emerger type fly patterns.

Partridge Emerger Hooks

Partridge Emerger Hooks£3.99

A fine wire Czech Nymph hook.

Partridge Nordic Tube Double Hooks

Partridge Nordic Tube Double Hooks£7.99

A short shank tube fly double hook.