Saltwater & Pike Hooks

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TMC 600SP Saltwater Hooks

TMC 600SP Saltwater Hooks£12.95  -  £15.95

The latest style of big game hook, large eye to take shock tippet, superb strength, corrosion resistant black nickel to avoid spooking fish.

Varivas 2600 Saltwater Hooks

Varivas 2600 Saltwater Hooks£6.99  -  £7.99


The VARIVAS® 2600 Salt Water series are the latest innovation when it comes to tying saltwater flies.

Partridge Absolute Predator Hooks

Partridge Absolute Predator Hooks£6.00

Partridge Absolute Predator Hooks to Ad Swier's design

Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks

Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks£5.70

GRIP 21571BN: A chemically sharpened black nickel, barbed saltwater hook is ideal for most saltwater flies from tarpon to bonefish. 

Partridge Universal Predator Hooks

Partridge Universal Predator Hooks£5.00

Partridge Universal Predator a new classic hook pattern.

Partridge Sea Prince Hooks

Partridge Sea Prince Hooks£4.00

A thoroughbred hook for all saltwater species.

Osprey Saltwater Hooks

Osprey Saltwater Hooks£3.00

Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks

Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks£2.25  -  £2.55

An ideal pike fly hook. Super sharp forged hook with a needlepoint that stays sharp.

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items