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Here at Fly Only we stock a great range of fly line accessories, treatments and backing. Each accessory and fly line treatment and cleaner is equally important to ensure your fly line is maintained in tip-top condition and reel fully balanced and loaded. Our range of braided loops and glues allow you to make perfect connections from your fly line to your leader.


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Air-Lock Strike Indicator

Air-Lock Strike Indicator£8.99

The ultimate Strike Indicators.


Airflo Custom Flo Tips

Airflo Custom Flo Tips£59.99   £39.99

Designed for a smooth transition with dig. 2.5' of intermediate material and 7.5' of T-sink smooths out the cast and keeps you in the zone longer. 

Airflo Indicator Loops

Airflo Indicator Loops£3.99

Pre fitted with sleeve, Ultra loops make them easy to attached braided loops to your heads and running lines available in clear, coloured and two tone indicator.

Airflo Outlander Shooting Head Wallet

Airflo Outlander Shooting Head Wallet£15.99

An intelligent shooting head wallet will keep your custom fly line system under control.


C&F Design Rubycell Plus Line Cleaner

C&F Design Rubycell Plus Line Cleaner£29.99

A simple and effective fly line cleaner

Gink Fly Floatant

Gink Fly Floatant£6.99

Gink Fly Floatant

Greys Braided Loops

Greys Braided Loops£3.99

High quality braided loops from Greys. 4 per pack, fitted with non-shrink sleeves. 4 per pack, available in a choice of sizes.

Hardy Braided Loops

Hardy Braided Loops£3.99

Hardy Braided Loops Trout

Leeda Braided Loops

Leeda Braided Loops£1.99

Leeda Braided Loops

Loon Products Line Speed

Loon Products Line Speed£7.99

Line Speed

Mucilin Line Floatant

Mucilin Line Floatant£2.20

Mucilin Line Floatants

New Zealand Strike Indicator

New Zealand Strike Indicator£19.97

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit, many have asked for these New Zealand Strike Indicators. Be one of the first in the UK to use this incredibly simple tool.

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