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Leader and tippets are the strong, durable and transparent crucial link between your fly line and fly. The correct combination of leader and tippet will help the fly turn over, be invisible to fish and strong enough to land them. Our range on Leaders and Tippet materials includes fluorocarbon and copolymer materials - perfect for trout, salmon and saltwater fly fishing.
Choose from a wide range of leaders and tippets for fly fishing including top brands Rio, Fulling Mill, Greys, Maxima, Stroft, Airflo and many more.


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Rio 10ft Spey Versileaders

Rio 10ft Spey Versileaders£13.99


10' Tapered polymer leaders with a 24lb core. Each leader features an ultra smooth welded loop in the butt end to easily attach to spey lines with welded loops. 

Rio 110yd Powerflex Copolymer Tippet

Rio 110yd Powerflex Copolymer Tippet£6.99  -  £13.99

The best selling tippet used by many of the worlds best anglers.

Rio 30yd Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon Tippet

Rio 30yd Fluoroflex Fluorocarbon Tippet£10.99

Rio Fluoroflex is an ideal fluorocarbon for still water and competition anglers alike.

Rio 9'  Salmon Tapered Leaders

Rio 9' Salmon Tapered Leaders£6.50

Designed for anadromous species, this clear, non-glare, knotless leader has a thicker butt of slightly stiffer copolymer for propelling large flies.

Rio 9' Trout Powerflex Tapered Leaders

Rio 9' Trout Powerflex Tapered Leaders£5.50


Each RIO Powerflex knotless tapered leader is designed for superb abrasion-resistance as well as high knot and tensile strength.

Rio Bonefish Leaders

Rio Bonefish Leaders£4.50

The world's only IGFA knotless tapered tippet. Made from Rio's Hard Saltwater mono these 10ft (3 m) bonefish knotless leaders are crystal clear.

Rio Euro Nymph Leaders

Rio Euro Nymph Leaders£10.99

These Euro Nymph Leaders are ideal for the competition angler or for anyone wishing to fish nymph rigs.


RIO InTouch Replacement Tips

RIO InTouch Replacement Tips£24.99

These tips are 10ft or 15ft long, and have a steady front taper of about 3ft, which allows for good presentation of a fly.

Rio Suppleflex Tippet

Rio Suppleflex Tippet£6.99

The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is incredibly strong, with excellent knot strength and, as its name suggests, unbelievably soft and supple.

RIO Tippet Rings

RIO Tippet Rings£9.99

These 2mm tippet rings make leader making/changing both easier and faster.

Rio Toothy Critter Leaders

Rio Toothy Critter Leaders£6.99

 Each Rio Toothy Critter leader has a shock tippet of nylon-coated stainless steel wire with a small stainless steel snap to change flies easily.

Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet

Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet£13.99


High-viz two-tone indicator tippet for maximum strike detection


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