Originating in a small basement on Cook Street in San Francisco back in 1973 when Harry Wilson followed his dream of building a better fly rod. Scott rods have grown into one of America’s premier rod manufactures.
It would be easy to say there's a magic material that makes Scott fly rods great. However, it's really a story of commitment, experience, and passion, that makes Scott rods special. It takes time and commitment to source the right materials and components, and it takes top quality craftsmanship to design, test and build the finest rods, qualities that Scott Rods have in abundance.
Mandrel design, combining the right fibers with the right resins in the right proportions, component choices, and design nuances all contribute to brilliant rods. All Scott rods are handcrafted by people who love to fish as much as you do, and they’re put together with the know how that comes from almost forty years of design and rod building experience.