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Sumo Rod Rack

Sumo Rod Rack
 Sumo Rod RackSumo Rod Rack 
Our Price:  £148.00(Inc. 20% VAT)



SUMOís cutting edge design offers the ultimate in versatility and performance. SUMO's cutting edge design securely holds up to 6 rods.

SUMOís cutting edge design offers the ultimate in versatility and performance far exceeding anything in its category.

Adhesion: Four independent level-lock suction munts adhere to glass, aluminium, steel, plastic, fibreglass and carbon-fibre
Adaptability: Ball and socket connections and vertical pivots provide unequaled flexibility to mount to any passenger vehicle.
Leveling: An additional ball and socket connection in the rod rest allows rods to always be level.
Portability: Lightweight and disassembles quickly for easy transport.
Rod Security: Powerful suction and double security straps that "lock" your rods in to place.
Mounts to cars with steel hoods & roofs.
Lightweight and disassembles easily for travel.
Versatile Mounting Options - Hood to fender, Windshield Mount & Sunroof Mount
Rod Security - Double security straps, Straps lock securely & Lever-lock sunction mounts won't scratch finish.
Ball & Socket Connections Allow For Mounting Versatilty - Ball & socket connection for rod rest & each suction, full tilt & fully extended

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