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The North Country Fly

The North Country Fly
 The North Country FlyThe North Country Fly 
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The North Country Fly

The North Country Fly – Yorkshire’s Soft Hackle Tradition, is Robert L Smith’s definitive work on the history, dressing and fishing of the traditional north country spider patterns of northern England.
Featuring numerous unpublished manuscripts and fly lists, this impressive publication illustrates over 300 years of North Country tradition. Beautifully illustrated with examples of actual flies and materials, and with images of original manuscripts, this book is the definitive master work on the history, dressing and fishing of the traditional North Country flies.


This is, in my opinion, the best and most fascinating book published on trout and grayling flies in recent years. ~
Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh (Fly Fishing & Flytying Magazine Apr 2015)

The book is a sheer joy to read, standing head and shoulders above all others on the subject of soft-hackled flies and making it a "must have" for Christmas. ~
Paul Proctor (Salmon and Trout Magazine Dec 2015)


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