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VisionKoski Zip Stockingfoot Waders

VisionKoski Zip Stockingfoot Waders
 VisionKoski Zip Stockingfoot WadersVisionKoski Zip Stockingfoot Waders 
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Brand:  Vision

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The Vision Koski Wader. Made from the latest technical fabric for performance & comfort. The lower part is woven using thicker material for stronger durability. A curved no seam cut provides the perfect fit. Specially designed neoprene feet, a large water-resistant front pocket, a clear TPU waterproof pouch and numerous accessory loops and straps take these waders to the next level.


Lightweight 4-layer construction
Waterproof and breathable F4ô fabric
Curved NoSeamô cut for perfect fit
A large water resistant pocket in front
D-rings & accessory loops and straps
Waterproof & removable TPU pocket
2 heavy duty belt loops
Built-in gravel guards
Neoprene feet with left and right side design
Drying loops

Size/Variant Chest Size Inseam U.K. Shoe Size
Med Short Fit 38 - 41 28 - 30 7 - 9
Large Short Fit 42 - 45 29 - 31 9 - 11
XL Short Fit 46 - 49 30 - 32 10 - 12
XX Small Regular Fit 31 - 34 25 - 28  3 - 5
X Small Regular Fit 33 - 35 26 - 29 6 - 8
Small Regular Fit 34 - 37 29 - 31 6 - 8
Med Regular Fit 38 - 41 31 - 33 7 - 9
Large Regular Fit 42 - 45 32 - 34 9 - 11
XL Regular Fit 46 - 49 32 - 34 10 - 12
XXL Regular Fit 50 - 53 33 - 35 11 -13
Med Tall Fit 38 - 41 28 - 30 7 - 9
Large Tall Fit 42 - 45 29 - 31 9 - 11
XL Tall Fit 46 - 49 30 - 32 10 -12
Med King Fit 42 - 45 31 - 33 7 - 9
Large King Fit 46 - 49 32 - 34 9 - 11
XL King Fit 50 - 53 32 - 34 10 - 12



Wader Care & Maintenance

Here at Fly Only we recommend that all breathable waders are washed by hand in a bathtub of cold water using a non-biological powder detergent. After washing it is advisable to rinse your waders thoroughly and allow them to air dry. Please note that waders should never be dry-cleaned or put in the tumble-dryer. A repellent treatment such as Nikwax Tech Wash can also be added to the wash to rejuvenate the water resistant finish on your waders.
It is important to understand that the packing and storing of wet waders often results in the build-up of mildew which causes the seam tapes to peel.
For Simms breathable waders, it is advisable to use a water repellent treatment such as Revivex which sprayed on to the waders after washing them.

Applying Revivex Water Repellent Treatment
After the waders have been washed and thoroughly rinsed, saturate the outside of the waders with Revivex and allow them to drip-dry. "Set" the Revivex treatment by using a hair-dryer or iron (low setting), taking care to avoid the neoprene stockingfoot area.

Repairing Your Breathable Waders
It is important to remember that tears, punctures and pinholes will inevitably happen at some point in your wader’s lifetime. Luckily, breathable waders are easy to repair:
1) Turn waders inside out.
2) Apply rubbing alcohol to suspect area. Leaks will show as dark gray spots.
3) Immediately apply a suitable amount of AquaSeal to the area and rub into the suspected your finger and allow it to cure overnight. Please note: this method will not work on seam leaks.

Long-term Wader Storage
It is best to clean your waders and check them for leaks before storing. Apply suitable self-repairs to pinholes. Ensure that your waders are thoroughly dry before storing to avoid mildew. Store the waders away from heat or direct light. Hung in a closet on a hanger or laying flat under a bed is best for long-term wader storage.


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