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Semperfli Nano Thread

Semperfli Nano Thread£3.50  -  £5.50

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread choice of professional fly yers world wide. Being so super strong and available in such a variety of clours and Deniers it has endless possibilities and can be used for micro to medium flies. Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying thread as stong as Nano Silk anywhere.

With Nano Silk you will have confidence that even the smallest of flies can be tied without your thread breaking!

Stonfo Elite 653 Vice

Stonfo Elite 653 Vice£249.00

The Elite is a high quality in-line 360 degree rotary action vice for tying flies and streamers.

The stainless steel shaft rotates through two precision ball bearings. The shank of the hook rotates on axis thanks to the adjustable shaft.

Stonfo Kaiman 609 Vice

Stonfo Kaiman 609 Vice£179.00

High technology vise for a fast hook changing. To use simply squeeze the lever and the drop the hook into the jaw. The hook will be held solidly in the vise.

Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads

Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads£4.80  -  £8.90

Flexible and heavy coneheads that are easy to retro-fit to any hook, or use coventionally to add weight and form to many patterns.

Flexible Tungsten Nymph Bodies

Flexible Tungsten Nymph Bodies£7.40

A new and interesting product that moves on considerably from the tungsten sheeting idea. Soft and flexible shellbacks ideal for shrimp patterns.

Frodin SSS Flash

Frodin SSS Flash£5.59

The SSS Flash mixture is consisting of both "Crinkle strands", "Mirage" and "Mirror strands" and a little bit of HD SSS Angel Hair gives a flash mix that is just completely raw!

Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks

Grip 21571BN Saltwater Hooks£5.70

GRIP 21571BN: A chemically sharpened black nickel, barbed saltwater hook is ideal for most saltwater flies from tarpon to bonefish. 

Partridge Caddis Pupa K2BY

Partridge Caddis Pupa K2BY£3.99

A curved up-eye medium wire hook design, especially effective for shrimp, caddis, pupae and other emerger imitations. Up-Eye, Black Nickel. 25 hooks per pack.

Grip 9in Ostrich Plumes

Grip 9in Ostrich Plumes£3.49


Grip 9in Ostrich plumes. Excelent quality with good herl. Two plumes per pack.