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Vision Deep Reels

Vision Deep Reels
Our Price:  £79.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Vision


Vision Deep Fly Reel

The Vision Deep series of fly reels offers a new level of fantastic performance at a great price. The Deep reels feature a lightweight full-Aluminium large arbour reel cage and boast a host of features such as a partly sealed and super smooth disc drag which gives accurate adjustment over a wide range plus an “XLA style" spool release mechanism borrowed from our flagship model. The Vision Deep reels have a re-shaped deeper arbour giving you plenty of capacity for your lines and even some extra backing. The non-reflecting matt finish also adds looks and durability to a reel you'll be proud to own.


  • Lightweight full Aluminium Large Arbour design
  • Smooth and reliable disc brake
  • Deep arbour for extra capacity
  • Quick spool release with captive mechanism
  • Matt black finish


Reel Diameter Weight Line Size Capacity
Rulla 1 73mm 118g 3 - 5 WF3F + 30m 30lb
Rulla 1.5 79mm 122g 4 - 6 WF5F + 30m 30lb
Rulla 2 85mm 129g 5 - 7 WFF +90m 30lb
Rulla 2.5 90mm 158g 6 - 8 WF7F +100 30lb
Rulla 3 95mm 172g 7 - 9 WF8F + 140 30lb
Rulla 4 110mm 201g 8 - 10 WF9F +150 30lb



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