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Phoenix Silk Salmon Fly Lines

Phoenix Silk Salmon Fly Lines
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Phoenix Silk Salmon Fly Lines

A Phoenix Silk Line is a precision built fly line made of the finest quality pure Chinese silk with tapers built-in by braiding.

A Phoenix Silk Line is:
Crafted with painstaking care.
Fully finished and ready to use.
Unaffected by extreme variations in temperature.
Quicker and smoother lifting from the water.

Three options in one line
Greased, the line floats high on the surface film.
Un-greased it acts as a ‘slow sinker’.
De-grease the tip and there is a ‘sink-tip’ of variable proportions.

Long Lasting
A Phoenix Line will last three times as long as a synthetic line.


The Standard Line – Salmon is a 40 yard line available in Natural straw, or Mere Green colour. Double tapered with fine tips and a precise 6 foot taper at both end to allow reversal of the line. The line comes complete with care instructions and a tin of Red Mucilin.

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