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Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin
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Brand:  Virtual Nymph



Virtual Nymph

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin

Virtual Nymph's Flytyers Designer Skin is synthetic elastic skin with a peel off white paper backing. Draw the shape required with a pencil or a pen and cut out with scissors, snap off the paper backing and use. This unique new product is only available from Virtual Nymph and is gaining an international reputation with some of the worlds best creative flytyers. Simple to use, just draw the shape and cut it out. An excellent product for cutting long strips with a straight edge for small segmented abdomens, round shapes for Shrimp backs, tapered shapes for head capsule covers and thoraxs etc. Supplied as a 5 x 5 inch sheet and very thin. Flytyers Designer Skin will not snap under tension, does not fade and has been stabilized to prevent perishing. Flytyers Designer Skin can be coloured with Edding & Kurecolour permanent markers to imitate realistic nymphs when matching the hatch.


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