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Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks

Sakuma 540 Manta Pike Hooks
Our Price:  £2.25(Inc. 20% VAT)

An ideal pike fly hook. Super sharp forged hook with a needlepoint that stays sharp, special wide gape that will give unrivalled presentation, finished in anti-corrosive black nickel.

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First quality, full tails. Soft and fine fibres that "quiver and shiver" in running water without being moved.  

Steve Farrar Flash Blends

Steve Farrar Flash Blends£5.25

Steve Farrar Flash Blends are a blend of Angel Hair and Slinky Fiber and is ideal for creating bait fish imitations. 

Krinkle Mirror Flash

Krinkle Mirror Flash£4.99

A  version of  Mirror Flash which has a crinkle effect that exaggerates the reflective qualities of this vibrant material. Will mimic falling scales of a wounded baitfish.

Krystal Flash

Krystal Flash£4.99

Its corrugated fibres reflect light like no other material.

Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep£3.95

The long translucent fibres make this material excellent for saltwater and pike patterns.