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Partridge Universal Predator Hooks

Partridge Universal Predator Hooks
Our Price:  £5.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Partridge Universal Predator Hooks

Today's fly tyer has an almost inexhaustible array of materials to tie with and has an imagination brimming with ideas so Partridge set about designing a new classic hook pattern that should be able to fuel the imagination. Its wide-gape, micro-barbed Aberdeen-style in combination with strong wire have been forged into a hook that will hold everything from warm water species like big mouth / black bass to big pike and zander / walleye, muskie or tuna or striped or white bass... you name it. Available in two wire weights standard and extra and all of the corresponding sizes.  Finished in black chrome this pattern is durable in sea, estuary, brackish lake or river – a truly UNIVERSAL hook!


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