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Angel Hair

Angel Hair
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Angel Hair

Angel hair is a very fine Mylar® fly tying material with strands of 6" to 8" in length. It is ideal for tying baitfish patterns like Deceivers and Clousers, where the properties of the Angel Hair comes alive in the water.
Angel Hair can also be used in the smallest of flies, utilising merely one or two strands as the only flash element in the body. In the bigger flies Angel Hair can be mixed with natural hair to create a pattern with a real kick. Many tyers have used various strands of Angel Hair to create their own colour mixtures and combinations to harmonize well within their patterns.
Fly-tyers can utilise Angel Hair to tie all kinds of patterns - from the smallest fly for sunny days to the meanest, biggest looking fly for the murkiest water. Choosing the right color have never been easier!


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