Wires, Tinsels, Mylar & Braids

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Veniard Silicone Micro Mini Legs

Veniard Silicone Micro Mini Legs£5.95

Made from 100% silicone by a special patented process each strand contains tiny pearl flakes for added attraction. These legs are strong and unlike rubber they will not deteriorate.

UNI French Embossed Tinsel

UNI French Embossed Tinsel£5.00

A flat embossed tinsel used in mainly traditional salmon flies.

UNI French Oval Tinsel

UNI French Oval Tinsel£3.50

Top quality oval tinsel. 7yd spool. Size Medium

Holographic Tinsel

Holographic Tinsel£2.95

Tinsel bodies and ribs come alive when this amazing material is used.  Comes in three sizes.


UTC Ultra Wire

UTC Ultra Wire£2.95

UTC Ultra wire all size Brassie.  A soft non tarnishing copper wire coated with various colour finishes. 

UTC Mirage

UTC Mirage£2.50

Highly reflective flash tinsel.

Round Lead Wire

Round Lead Wire£2.00

Lead wire is a must for those small nymphs to get them down that little bit deeper.  

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar£2.00

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar - superb flat mylar tinsel in an outrageous rainbow pattern.

UTC Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

UTC Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel£2.00

Flashback pearl tinsel with a blue UV iridescence. Small, Medium & Large

UNI Pearl Mylar

UNI Pearl Mylar£1.85

Strong flat pearl mylar has many tying applications. Comes in three sizes.

UNI 2 Tone Flat Mylar

UNI 2 Tone Flat Mylar£1.80

Dual Mylar flat tinsel, two colours one on one side,  another on the reverse.


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items