Wires, Tinsels, Mylar & Braids

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UNI French Embossed Tinsel

UNI French Embossed Tinsel£5.00

A flat embossed tinsel used in mainly traditional salmon flies.

UNI French Oval Tinsel

UNI French Oval Tinsel£3.50

Top quality oval tinsel. 7yd spool. Size Medium

Holographic Tinsel

Holographic Tinsel£2.95

Tinsel bodies and ribs come alive when this amazing material is used.  Comes in three sizes.


UTC Ultra Wire

UTC Ultra Wire£2.95

UTC Ultra wire all size Brassie.  A soft non tarnishing copper wire coated with various colour finishes. 

UTC Mirage

UTC Mirage£2.50

Highly reflective flash tinsel.

Round Lead Wire

Round Lead Wire£2.00

Lead wire is a must for those small nymphs to get them down that little bit deeper.  

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar£2.00

Uni Holographic Rainbow Mylar - superb flat mylar tinsel in an outrageous rainbow pattern.

UTC Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel

UTC Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel£2.00

Flashback pearl tinsel with a blue UV iridescence. Small, Medium & Large

UNI Pearl Mylar

UNI Pearl Mylar£1.85

Strong flat pearl mylar has many tying applications. Comes in three sizes.

UNI 2 Tone Flat Mylar

UNI 2 Tone Flat Mylar£1.80

Dual Mylar flat tinsel, two colours one on one side,  another on the reverse.


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items